viernes, 22 de enero de 2016


Hello hello hello!

I thought I was never going to find myself ever writing again, but here Iam.

I have been one full year out of this, just when I joined the studio of Julien Macdonald as an intern. And OMG so many things have happened since then. But I'll tell you slowly in the following posts.
For now I just want to share one Magazine editorial where one of my designs has been featured.
For all of you that don't know much about me, I´m a Fashion student and I do Costume design and Bespoke projects at the same time.
So one day a stylist contact me about a shoot she was planning to do, I gave her two of my designs and voilà. The shoot have been published in the German Magazine Kaltblut. So I can not be more happy with this! As I really like the editorial.

But if that was not enough, when I saw the editorial I realized my longtime friend, flatmate, and co-worker Céline Marie has been featured as well!! How funny is that!
After all, the fashion industry is such a small world.

Before showing you the editorial I want you to see the garments on "real life"
This is my dress. It was one piece I made the night before a very important interview I had in the past months and that's why I couldn't even finish both sleeves, but obviously it looks like its part of the design. :p

And this is Céline's bodysuit. (Check her website!!) I personally love everything she makes, but this collection was just beautiful I think. And really unique.

So now it's the time for you to see the amazing editorial that luckily we have been part of. If you like it keep checking this blog as we are planning a new editorial with the photographer of the shoot and this one its going to be a really cool one, so don't miss out for news!!!

Thanks a lot for reading and have a wonderful weekend!!!

Perception on self by Yolanda Y. Liou

Stylist: Elizaveta Mazitova
Art direction: Giorgio Constantine
Hair and Makeup: Phebe Wu
Models: Oliver Jones and Felix Burnett @premiermodels

Editorial featured in Kaltblut magazine:

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